Natural Deodorants - Do they really work?

Do Natural Deodorants really work? This has possibly been one of the most commonly asked questions from people on their zero-waste journey!  

The simple answer is YES!

But let me tell you some truths below about natural deodorant so you’re not alarmed when making the switch.  


What to expect 

These are not anti-perspirants like the ones you might currently be using. Big branded deodorants you typically find in the supermarket contain aluminium as they are designed to make you sweat less as opposed to reducing or improving the smell. This essentially blocks your pores to stop you from sweating. Natural deodorants on the other hand use ingredients that have natural anti-bacterial properties and are derived from natural resources such as plants.  

Because natural deodorants don’t have the nasty pore plugging ingredients, when you switch, your pores will need to release all these unwanted chemicals. You’ll probably find you will sweat more for the first week or so. This is completely normal! But you won’t smell bad because the lovely scents in the natural deodorants will do their job, so don’t fear. After a while this will settle down, and your armpits will get back to normal activity and you’ll feel fresh all day long, whilst knowing you are playing a big part in the zero-waste journey.  

Ku'tis Natural Deodorant Bar

I’ve personally used natural deodorants for the last 3 years, even when travelling to VERY HOT countries - and so far no complaints that I stink, so it’s a 10/10 from me! 

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