Packaging Free Picnic & BBQ Food

I’m sure we can all agree, the most important item at any picnic or BBQ has to be the food! But this can be where some people struggle to go plastic-free and that’s where we come in - throughout this blog let us give you some ideas to help.  

Anything you can make, rather than buy in single use plastic is a win, from coleslaw and hummus to salads, sandwiches and sweet treats like these no fuss oat bars 

Below are some of our favourite recipes and inspirations for summery plastic free food: 


You can truly fit anything between two slices of bread and call it a sandwich. This allows you to get seriously creative and put together some delicious combinations.   

We’ve listed just a few of our favourite fillings below:    

Got some fabulous filling suggestions? Let us know your favourites in the comment section below. We’re always looking to find new flavour explosions! 

beeswax wrap



Sandwiches aren’t for everyone, so why not try a pasta salad? It adds variety and flavour to any picnic and they are super easy and quick to make!  

You can get very creative with it - depending on what fruits and veggies are in season or what you have at home. You can even mix up the staples; A summer cous cous salad is our go-to option. You can pair this tasty grain with pretty much anything; check out one of our summer favourites above! 

earthkind refill staples


Burgers and Sausages 

Now, this is probably the most commonly bought product from a supermarket when thinking of a BBQ, but did you know we also sell vegan burger and sausage mixes, making it super easy for you to make your BBQ essentials at home and cut out the plastic packing.  

Or, if you want to stick to the meaty option, why not head down to your local butchers with your reusable containers and get your ready-made meats to go without all the single-use plastic.  



So, now you can avoid plastic packed to-go foods and supermarket carrier bags by bringing your own home-prepared food for your picnic or BBQ. (Extra points for those bringing a bag to put any leftover food scraps inside to compost later!) 

We operate both online and in our beautiful refill van ‘Gertie’ – Simply check out our Facebook page to see where we will be. You can stop by and pick up what you need or have it delivered to your door, with lots of options of delicious food without all the plastic. 

To see our top tips for a plastic free picnic or BBQ, click here.  

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