Plastic Free July

We always try to encourage people towards zero-waste options but if there is a time to get started on your journey, the time is now. For the duration of July, people from all over the world are taking part in Plastic Free July 

But, what is Plastic Free July, you ask? 

Plastic Free July is a movement where millions get involved in being a part the solution to plastic pollution. The goal is to create cleaner streets, oceans and communities. And the great thing is, anyone can get involved. What’s not to love?  

There’s various different way in which you can come on board this July – Plastic Free July is asking people to take the challenge for a day, a week, the month or more. What’s great is that for those dabbling in the idea of reducing their usage of single use plastics, you can choose how you get to do so too; whether it be by avoiding single use plastic packaging, targeting takeaway items such as cups, bottles and bags or by going completely plastic free.  

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What to expect from us this Plastic Free July

  • 30 days of suggested plastic free swaps
  • 30th birthday celebrations all round
  • A chance to win a £30 voucher

It’s all about finding ways to reduce single use plastic consumption in a way that suits your lifestyle and we are here to help! Throughout July, we’re sure you’ll see many campaigns running from all over - which is brilliant, the more awareness the better! Just try to remember it’s a slow process and not something you should try to tackle overnight, you don’t want to be overwhelmed. That’s why we will be highlighting some easy plastic free swap-ins for you to adopt to help say no to single-use plastic. Go ahead and follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see our daily updates.  

If you decide to make a plastic-free decision every day, you will make a huge difference; even if it’s just one little thing and all whilst being a part of a wonderful and welcoming community! 

For a little added incentive to join the movement, tag us in your plastic free swaps on Instagram and/or Facebook, using #PlasticFreeJuly and get 10% off your next purchase which can be used online, with Gertie or through our refill deliveries!

We hope you enjoy Plastic Free July as much as we do and please remember, we are here to help where we can if you have any questions along the way.

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