Our Top On The Go Plastic Free Picnic & BBQ Essentials

With the summer sunshine approaching and restrictions lifting, we are all ready to enjoy some outdoor adventures. Picnics and BBQs are always an all-round pleaser, but how can we enjoy them and still be environmentally friendly? 

Throughout this blog we will dive into all our best tips for enjoying a sustainable picnic, freeing up space in your mind to really relax and enjoy nature on your outdoor ventures without the worry of chasing after your crisp packets in the wind or leaving behind the dreaded grass burns from your BBQ! 

plastic free picnic


The most eco-friendly option available is the one you already own! We fully encourage the use of things you already have at home to use to enjoy your plastic free picnics and BBQ’s, but just in case, let us help you with some of our favourite ideas.  


Is your meal going to require any cutlery? Think about what dishes you will have to serve, what will need chopping up?  

Instead of using single use plastic cutlery, why not bring cutlery from home? Or opt for a reusable, bamboo option.  

Plates and Cups 

Depending on whether you are sticking to picky bits or including dishes like salads and sharers, you may need some crockery to put it all on when dividing it out. Similarly, to cutlery, why not grab some plates or bowls or cups from your cupboard at home and save buying any extras?  

Using dishes, you already own instead of single-use items will have the planet smiling at you - just don’t forget to take them home with you. If you want to keep your home supplies separate why not try our personal favourites, coconut bowls – Available on their own or in a picnic perfect set here.   


Don’t forget to fill up your water bottles before you head out (especially if it’s a sunny day), then you won’t need to do the last-minute shop stop for any refreshments. 

BBQ burger


Food Wraps and Containers 

Will you be wrapping your food up or needing something to carry it home in?   

There are many ways you can keep your food protected to eat another day! If you pack your food up in containers from home, this gives you something to keep them in on the return back to the fridge. Reusable jars and Tupperware make excellent reusable carriers especially when you need a lid.  

Or if you don’t want your food rattling around, why not look at getting some beeswax wraps for those more delicate foods. Beeswax wraps are life savers when it comes to taking food on the go – and with these one’s in particular you are helping save the bee’s🐝.   


Responsible BBQ’s 

Say no to disposable BBQ’s! There are lots of great light, portable and easily transferable BBQs available here. If you do use a disposable one, why not get an eco-friendly one? They are made with all natural materials and are biodegradable too! Please make sure to keep all BBQ’s on lifted ground to ensure you don’t damage the nature you are there to enjoy. 


*Having a picnic or BBQ can be a ton of fun. It’s a great way to get away and connect with yourself and the nature around you. It’s important that we allow others to enjoy this same experience, so we want to send out a gentle reminder for anyone doing so…   

Have fun, eat up and keep it clean - Please, leave no trace behind.   

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