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With so many plastic-free shampoos to choose from now (yippee), you might find yourself wondering which shampoo bar is right for you? Well, I’ve tried and tested all our zero-waste shampoo bars over the last 3 years and have had plenty of feedback from customers so I’ll break it down for you based on my experience! 

Zero Waste Path 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner Bar 

These all-natural shampoo and conditioner bars are a firm favourite and have customers coming back time and time again. They’re PH balanced which means there’s no transition period from switching from a synthetic shampoo to a natural bar (I know, amazing right!), and they’re suitable for coloured hair too.  

Zero Waste Path have utilised the natural properties of the ingredients to create a blend that will work with specific hair types. Whether you’ve got Dry & Curly Hair, Oily and Fine Hair or suffer from an itchy scalp, there’s a bar for you. While these bars are small in size, when using correctly you can get 40 washes from one bar, which really is great if you wash your hair daily.  

Beauty Kube Shampoo Bar

Beauty Kubes Shampoo 

These little kubes pack a mighty punch! Beauty Kubes Shampoo have been my personal ‘go to’ plastic free shampoo since 2018, I honestly can’t get enough of them. If you’ve struggled with various bars, these are always what I would recommend. Similar to Zero Waste Path 2in1’s, these Shampoo Kubes are PH balanced so no need to worry about going through the transition period. 

Using just 1 Kube per wash, these will lather up similar to a liquid shampoo. These were definitely the first, and perhaps still the only single use plastic free shampoo alternatives available, so if you’re a traveller like me and enjoy a getaway they’re perfect as you don’t need to worry about drying out a bar in-between uses.  


Naturally Gorgeous Cosmetics 

I love these zero-waste shampoo bars from Naturally Gorgeous Cosmetics, not only because they smell great and work a treat, but because they’re made right here in Devon! Leoni the face behind the brand, has a fantastic story from how being a Marine Biologist has led her into to creating plastic free cosmetics. From spending years studying and researching marine biology she wanted to create something that wouldn’t impact the natural environment. You can be sure all these shampoos (like our entire range on offer) are eco friendly and have zero nasties in them, plus they’re made with a whole lot of love! Leoni’s top tip - if you want more lather, use hotter water! 

  (Returning soon). 

Friendly Soap Shampoo Bars 

These UK made plastic free shampoo bars have been around for quite some time now and have always been hugely popular. They’re extremely affordable, smell incredible and get your hair clean – what more can you ask for! Unlike the previous shampoo bars mentioned, you may experience a transition period if this is the first time you’ve switched to a natural shampoo bar. To help with this, I’d recommend following up with an apple cider vinegar rinse as this will help to balance the PH levels.  

These bars however, are not recommended for use in hard water areas or for coloured hair so, be mindful of this when choosing your shampoo bar. Friendly Soap have also created a conditioner bar which you can use as a follow up to your shampoo - and you can choose to use the conditioner as a bar or melt it into a liquid conditioner!  


Still not sold on a shampoo bar? Take a look at our liquid shampoo refillable range here. 

Zero Waste Liquid Shampoo


So, in conclusion; if you’re a shampoo bar newbie give Zero Waste Path 2in1 a go. If you wash your hair just once or twice a week, or are a regular traveller, it’s time to try out the Beauty Kubes. It you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful then definitely check out the Friendly Soap range.  

We hope you’ve found this plastic-free shampoo guide useful, if you have your own tips or experience with any of them, please do leave a comment so we can help others out on their plastic-free journey too! 

*Disclaimer - this guide is based only on the shampoo bars we offer at Earthkind Refills. It has been created from my personal experience of shampoo bars, plenty of research and lots of feedback from our amazing customers. I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible, but please note as everyone’s hair is different you might have a different experience as described above. 

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