Why Visit A Zero Waste Shop

Zero-waste shopping is a bit different from your regular supermarket or farm shop but, we believe it is truly a rewarding experience. Take a read through our blog where we highlight some of our favourite reasons for going zero-waste and why you can be proud of the part you are playing when joining our refill community. 

No Plastic:   

This has to be the number one reason why we love bulk buying and using refillable containers! Plastic really is everywhere - and it is so hard to avoid in your everyday shop. But, at a zero-waste store, you can easily say no to plastic and still get the things you desire – it’s what we’re all about. Zero waste shops pride themselves on using no plastic bags, film wrapping or any other single use plastics for that matter.   

As an additional positive, by cutting down on your plastic usage, you are helping protect our much-loved wildlife. Reducing your plastic helps keep it out of their homes, beaks and bellies.  

Image of glass jars filled with pulses

Zero Waste: 

One of the best things people love about using a zero-waste shop like Gertie (our Refills on Wheels van) is that you can CHOOSE how much of everything you want. By weighing out how much of each product you want, you get to take back control of your shop.  

Think about the number of times you have wanted to try a new recipe, but the cost of buying all the ingredients in pre-packed portions makes you reconsider – with a zero-waste shop, not only does this result in less waste, but it also means you are only paying for what you really need.  

Supporting Local: 

Zero-waste shops are usually a place for the community to come together. When visiting your local zero-waste store you might find especially local items that you wouldn’t have known about before!  

For example, Gertie sells Bell & Loxton Rapeseed Oil which is grown, pressed and bottled on the local family farm in Kingsbridge, Devon.  

New Ideas & Great People:   

When coming to Gertie, you will always be greeted with a smile. If you’re looking for some inspiration or wanting to try something new, there will always be someone who can help - it’s our passion after all! You can learn about new items, recipes and ideas all while doing your weekly shop. We love the community that has been built through Gertie and how it has become a meeting place for many. Gertie is proud to be child friendly and it is a great way for the kids to learn in a hands on and engaging way.  


More Than Food:   

Zero-waste shops will often supply more than just edible items. If you come to visit Gertie, this means you’ll find items like refillable laundry detergentsoapsconditionerstoothbrushes and more! Now, we can’t guarantee you’ll find all of these at every zero-waste shop - but it is always exciting when you do. 

Some of our lovely customers have said that they love having a brand free home, being able to fill their own containers means they get to avoid all of the labelling from supermarket bought products.

What are your favourite reasons for visiting a zero-waste shop? Let us know in the comments below... 

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