About Earthkind

What is Refills on Wheels?

Refills on Wheels is a mobile zero-waste shop that has been brought to our community by people just like you. 

We ran a successful all or nothing crowdfunding campaign which is allowing us to turn this dream into a reality. 

In just 43 days we raised over £22,000.

In our van we will be bringing plastic-free dried foods, toiletries, snacks and other goodies directly to you.

The process is easy. Simply bring a reusable container, weigh it up, fill it with your favourite products and head on up to pay.

What are the Benefits?: 

  • Encourage Plastic Free Shopping
  • Strengthen Community Bonds
  • Reach Those in Isolation, Less Abled or Elderly
  • Engage Children Educationally
  • Encourage Healthy Eating  
  • Help Meet Devon’s Recycling Targets of 65% by 2035 

Why The Van?:

By putting our shop on wheels, we are able to bring plastic-free shopping into communities and areas it wasn’t available before. Our mission is to make zero-waste shopping accessible to all. 

By having the van arrive to your community, as opposed to multiple cars driving to one location, we are hoping to have a lowered carbon footprint.

What Can We Expect:

Now that the Crowdfunder has ended, we are working hard to put these wheels into motion (pun intended). The money we raised has been used to secure our van, purchase our first stock and get things rolling. 

We will be teaming up with incredible companies to bring you a wide array of products, food and more. For now, we are working on solidifying all of our stock. So, please come visit us soon to view our completed stocklist and find out where (wheel) be heading next. 

Our Fantastic Supporters: 

Thank you to everyone who liked, shared, commented and donated during this campaign. We simply could not have done this without you.

We finished off our campaign with 186 incredible individual donors and two grants from NatWest Back Her Business and the Plymouth City Council – who tipped us over our target goal! 

Please click here to learn more about our incredible sponsors and donors.