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We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions for a range of topics! But of course if you can't find the answer you're looking for, please do message us on social media or email us at hello@earthkindrefills.co.uk

Zero-Waste Overview

How does a zero-waste shop work?

Weigh, Fill, Weigh, Pay!

The majority of our products are sold loose, and by weight. To ensure you are only being charged for the contents, your containers are first weighed empty. We'll then help you fill them up with your chosen product, and weigh them again once filled! Our intelligent till system will calculate the weight, and you'll be charged just for the product inside and no unnessecary packaging!

Can I bring my own containers?

Yes absolutely! We encourage everyone to bring their own containers where you can. If you haven't got any containers, feel free to use our paper bags or help yourself to one of our recycled jars for free.

What sort of products will I find at Earthkind?

Earthkind currently offers over 500 items in store. This is a mixture of store cupbaord staples, such as cereals, pastas, grains, beans, pulses, dried fruit and nuts. We also offer a variety of eco friendly cleaning products from dish brushes to laundry liquid refills and we have a growing range of personal care products too. Such as; shampoo, conditioner, bodywash and bubble bath, soap and shampoo bars and reusable safety razors.

I have food allergies, can I still shop at Earthkind?

Food safety is our biggest priority for our customers. We implement very strict food safety practices to reduce the risk of contamination as much as possible. However, because loose products are handled in an environment where allergens and gluten are present (both in Earthkind and at the processor and wholesaler), it cannot be guaranteed they are allergen or gluten free.

If you have an allergy or are buying for someone who has an allergy or you have a query about allergens please ask before you buy. If in doubt we would ask that you do not buy from us.

How do liquid refills work?

Liquid refills work just the same way as our loose food goods. Every liquid is sold by weight, so we will weigh your empty bottle first, fill to your desired amount, weigh again and charge just for the contents inside.

Liquid refills are priced per gram, but as an easy conversion, 1KG roughly equates to 1L of liquid.

Choose how you shop

Shop in store

Earthkind Refills plastic free shop is now open 6 days a week at The Broadway, Plymstock! Come along with your empty containers, Monday - Saturday 10am-4.30pm to browse and refill!

Earthkind is located at:

Earthkind, 14 The Broadway, Plymstock, PL9 7AU

Click & Collect

Use our Click & Collect service to pre-order your plastic free goodies & collect Monday - Saturday at The Broadway, Plymstock or at Chudleigh Market on Thursdays. All items will be packed in recycled paper bags.

Please order no later than 4pm the day before collection so we have time to pack your order.

If ordering any liquids, we will assume you will be bringing your own container to be refilled on collection. If you do not have your own bottle to refill, we occassionally have 500ml bottles available to purchase.

Refill Deliveries

This is our most popular delivery option and it's easy to see why! Zero Waste Shopping from the comfort of your home! Every Wednesday across Plymouth and Ivybridge (PL1 - PL9 & PL21 postcodes), we offer a Plastic Free Refill Delivery service. Just place your order online no later than 7pm on Tuesday's (the evening before delivery) and leave your clean, empty and labelled containers outside your door by 8am on Wednesday ready to be refilled and returned the same day. We'll do the rest!

There is a £10 minimum spend for this service and a £2 delivery fee. Delivery is free for members of the Earthkind Refill Club.

How to order:

Use our online shop to select which products you would like refilled.

You can choose from our pre-selected weights, or simply request to 'refill my container'.

If selecting 'Refill My Container' you will be charged a deposit of 100grams per product at checkout. Once we have weighed and refilled your containers, you will be invoiced for the remainging amount. Please note, payment must be made before we return your containers.

Top Tip:

Liquid Refills are only available on a 'Refill my container' system, however if you do not want your container filled to the top, leave a mark or line on your container to let us know where to stop!

Shop in our Mobile Zero Waste Shop

Come and visit Gertie, the Refills on Wheels van. Browse all our products in person and bring your own containers to refill with as little or as much as you need. Don't panic if you forget your containers, we will always have paper bags on hand! Although we're mobile, card and cash payments are both accepted.

Find your nearest stop on our 'Visit us' page.

Shopping experience with Earthkind

Can I bring my children?

Most definitely! We welcome all children into Earthkind - this is a space for learning! They're welcome to help you with refilling, pushing the trolley around, or they can relax in our kids corner. The kids corner is equipped with a range of plastic free toys, wicker chairs and books for all ages.

Is my dog allowed in the shop?

We love your little furry friends and we're happy for them to come in store with you. All of our food is high off the ground, but for larger dogs we just ask they keep their sniffers away from the scoop bins and food dispensers.

Is the shop accessible?

We have designed our shop to be a fully inclusive space. There is plenty of room to allow for wheelchairs, pushchairs and mobility scooters. Please note, our door is not automatic and on cold days the door may be closed, however an Earthkind member will always be there to assist. Self service in the shop is entirely optional, so if you would like any assistance with refilling, please feel free to ask (although it's likely one of the team will have already offered)!

Book Gertie the Refill Van

For community and small village stops

Do you want the refill van to visit your town or village? We're always on the lookout for new locations to take our mobile zero waste shop. So if you think your community would benefit with a plastic free shopping visit, and there is space to park our van, please get in touch directly with Naomi at naomi@earthkindrefills.co.uk 

For businesses

Booking a workplace visit from Gertie the Refill Van is a great way to show your staff your commitment to sustainability, and encourage them to follow suit. Gertie the Refill Van can be booked at various times throughout the day, so whether you want to time it with lunches, or a mid morning break we can work to your requirements. Depending on the booking, staff will also be given a 10% discount to use against any purchases.

About Earthkind

Where is Earthkind based?

Our main Earthkind base is at our plastic-free shop in Plymstock. You can find us at:

14 The Broadway,

The store is open Monday - Saturday from 10am - 4:30pm

Our zero-waste store in Plymstock is where you'll find our biggest refillable range of household staples, personal care items and cleaning products. We recommend bringing along a reusable coffee cup to have a brew while you browse!

Who is Gertie and where do I find her?

Gertie is our affectionately named mobile zero waste shop. We have converted a Luton van into travelling plastic free shop or 'Refills on Wheels' as we often refer to it. Gertie the Refills on Wheels van travels around Plymouth and South Devon offering accessible plastic free shopping. We visit towns and communities that do not already have their own zero-waste shop in place. Please see our 'visit us' page to find a stop near you.

What is Earthkind?

Our Earthkind shop and refill van provides a plastic free shopping experience; no unnessecary plastic packaging, no plastic straws and no plastic bags! Instead we offer 'earthkind' products that are good for you and the planet. All the products we offer are environmentally friendly, ethically produced and where possible, sourced locally.

What else does Earthkind offer?

At Earthkind we create minimalistic and memorable experiences for mindful people and businesses. We currently offer a growing range of events and workshops, including sustainable film screenings, coffee mornings and 'make your own' workshops. Ultimately, we want Earthkind living to be a fun experience, and we believe helping our community create genuine connections with likeminded people will inspire them to succeed with their personal sustainable living goals.

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