Fat Roc Organic Coffee Beans (227g)


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Voyager’s signature, organic espresso blend has been a longstanding commitment to outstanding ethical and sustainable coffee.

Fat Roc was born at the outset in an assured attempt to represent the best of ‘certified organic’ coffees from around the world in an accessible espresso blend.

227g packaged in this beautiful 100% compostable, home-use packaging.


Strength of character and spice from the Honduran coffee work incredibly well against its sweet Peruvian counterpart.

We roast both single-origins separately to bringing out the perfect characteristics from each one for a complex espresso with a medium-to-full body.

The result is a dominant chocolate and nut flavour, balanced out by citrus notes with a hint of spice. When combined with milk, walnut and chocolate notes prevail and the complexity is replaced with a smooth, well-rounded sweet chocolate aftertaste.