Road Trip Coffee Beans (227g)


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A blend made for the voyager inside all of us. Fruity and full-bodied with a burst of berry acidity, dark chocolate, and a caramel finish.

227g packaged in this beautiful 100% compostable, home-use packaging.


A unique blend of three exceptional Latin American coffees from the award-winning Daterra Estate in Brazil, La Albania in Colombia, and a cooperative from the Café Femenino Foundation in Northern Peru.

This full-bodied, complex espresso has berry acidity with dark chocolate notes. When combined with milk, the Road Trip blend becomes a sweet, juicy beverage.

We love it as espresso with its juicy sweetness also complimenting a tasty Aeropress brew, both recipes are right here to follow along.

The slow and gentle roast-profile focuses on superb control of the development stage, maximising flavour and drawing on the beans’ natural characteristics to produce a highly complex, delicious, and satisfying coffee.